The rich History in Tenney-Lapham of Madison, WI

Map of the Tenney-Lapham of Madison, Wi

Tenney-Lapham preserving history one house at a time.

In the Tenney-Lapham neighborhood we are reminded of the rich and patriotic history of our city on every street in this charming community.  Nestled in the heart of Madison, this neighborhood has seen quite a transformation from its early days as a working-class district to becoming one of the city’s most desireable places to live.  Take the self-guided walking tour and you will find a delightful mix of architectual styles, from grand Victorian homes to sleek modern designs reflecting all the eras this neighborhood has enjoyed.

Ride your bike to Tenney Park, situated along the Yahara River is a cherished gathering place.  On any day you will find families and couples enjoying the scenic beauty here and enjoying recreational opportunities.

As a local painting company, we are excited to contribute to the preservation and enhancement of this historic neighborhood.  We offer professional interior painting services to preserve and protect the vision of Madison’s founder James Duane Doty (1799-1865) and the history here.

Our Name: Tenney-Lapham

Our beautiful neighborhood its named for two important landmarks: Tenney Park and Lapham School. The Lapham School was originally built to serve the blind and today has close to 200 elementary and energetic students 

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