Interior Painting for Midvale Heights, Madison, WI

Midvale Heights

Midvale Heights is a Great Place to Call Home!

Residents of Midvale Heights are proud of their community. This may be seen in their tidy yards and homes, as well as in their readiness to collaborate on important initiatives like neighborhood identification, traffic calming, and beautification.

You can find a variety of people of different ages on any given block, including young families, working folks, and retirees. It’s difficult to beat the ease of suburban living just a short drive from Madison’s downtown. Midvale Heights, one of Madison’s oldest neighborhoods, was first populated in the 1850s.

By the first half of the 1950s, there were numerous subdivisions in Midvale Heights, including Oakville Heights, Kenmore, Hillview, Third Oak, and Coney Weston. A neighborhood organization was established in 1954 as a result of the area’s quick expansion because many areas of Madison, Wisconsin, remained to be resolved.

Over 616 acres, more than 1,300 residences and roughly 1,500 dwelling units make up Midvale Heights today. The lengthy history of the region has resulted in a huge number of first-rate antique residences with two-story Victorian architecture and sizable, opulent properties.

Midvale Heights Community Association

Homes in Midvale Heights are conveniently close to a number of beautiful public parks, including Segoe Park, William Slater Park, and Odana School Park. A lot of families spend precious time together on the playground at Midvale Elementary School.

Odana Hills Golf Course

Hy-Vee Grocery Store

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