Interior Painting Services

If you are looking to repaint a single room or the entire interior of your home, it is wise to work with a professional painter and painting company that takes pride in serving the Madison, WI area. You will not only save treasured time but rest assured you will feel confident with our professional advice on colors. We aim to match the colors with the mood you want to have presented in your home! In addition, there will be no worries of paint specks on your furniture or floors. We strive for the perfect painting because our customers deserve only the best!

Finest Finishes for Every Madison Room

You will experience a beautiful transformation in every corner of your Madison home. From the inviting foyer to the tranquil ambiance of the bedrooms, our premium interior paint finishes are precisely selected to resonate with Madison’s lovely charm, which will ensure beauty that will last.

Interior Painting Services

Interior Painting Services

Transforming Scratched and Scraped Walls to Madison’s Best Interiors

Your Madison Home deserves an interior that will shine. Over time it is easy to discover scratches and scraped walls in your home. Our interior painting services not only include your walls, but we also repair drywall if needed or any other imperfection we may find. Our professional interior painters will bring faded walls back to life by enriching your home with colors that embody Madison’s culture as well as ensuring a clean and healthy environment for everyone.

Madison’s Number One Choice for Cabinet & Door Painting

Uplift your Madison home’s aesthetics by refacing your cabinets and doors. No matter what your dreams contain, our experienced professional painters have the perfect technique and touch to give a lovely and enduring finish to all the doors and cabinets in your home.

Delight in the Details

Interior Painting Services

The crown molding, baseboards, and trim of your Madison home are meant to frame the exquisiteness that occupies your home.  When you call Busy Painting Madison, you will be delighted with the details of our interior painting services. Our professional team knows how important the details are in your home and you can see it in our work! Give us a call today.

We are Busy Painting Madison Residential and Commercial

Interior Painting Service

We love painting the interior of your home and your commercial business. In both places, we know how important it is for our Madison, WI clients to love their homes and businesses.  How important it is to make your guest feel welcomed and comfortable. The best way to do that is to have your interior painted with colors that express the perfect mood you would like to present. We have years of experience with choosing the perfect hues for your residential and commercial space. Our expert team of painters is here for you and when you are ready for a change, give us a call.

Environmental Concerns and Interior Painting

Paint has come a long way from its toxic lead-based origins but if not chosen correctly, you could pick a paint that contains harmful ingredients that may damage the environment and the ones you love. A can of regular paint contains several harmful substances that include damaging solvents, toxic metals, carcinogenic additives, Volatile Organic compounds (VOCs), and other raw materials that do not positively impact the environment.

When you choose an Eco-Friendly Paint or a Natural Paint, you are choosing a paint with fewer chemicals and lower VOC contents.  These tough chemicals are what cause the noxious odor from your average paint. When you are choosing an eco-friendly paint you want to consider looking for the following:

Low to Zero VOCs – The lower the better when it comes to VOCs. You will want to find a paint with less than 5g of VOC per liter.

Other Chemicals to look for are acrylic softeners, ammonia, and formaldehyde. These may be harmful as well so you want to check the label.

A Greenseal certification is an independent accreditation system that meets strict environmental criteria.

If you want to freshen up your home, we hope you will consider using eco-friendly paint for your project that will not only protect the environment but your family also. Another way to protect your family is to hire a professional painting company. The effort and time you will save by doing so will be well worth it! Busy Painting Madison would be honored to work with you on your interior painting project, residential or commercial, we will brighten your space. Give us a call today for a free consultation.