Environmental Concerns and Interior Painting

Environmental Concerns

Environmental Concerns

When deciding to give your home a fresh new look, there are many steps involved in the process from picking out paint colors from the thousands of colors available not to mention the hundreds of different brands available today to scheduling a time that works best for your busy family.

All too often when picking out paint, it will come down to the price of the paint. As you may have guessed, the best and most Eco-Friendly paint is a bit higher in price than just regular paint but the benefits you receive from using Eco-Friendly paint may be beneficial to you and your loved ones.

Environmental Concerns - Paint

Paint has come a long way from its toxic lead-based origins but if not chosen correctly, you could pick a paint that contains harmful ingredients that may damage the environment and the ones you love. A can of regular paint contains several harmful substances that include damaging solvents, toxic metals, carcinogenic additives, Volatile Organic compounds (VOCs), and other raw materials that do not positively impact the environment.

When you choose an Eco-Friendly Paint or a Natural Paint, you are choosing a paint with fewer chemicals and lower VOC contents. These tough chemicals are what cause the noxious odor from your average paint. When you are choosing an eco-friendly paint you want to consider looking for the following:

We care about environmental concerns!

  • Low to Zero VOCs – The lower the better when it comes to VOCs. You will want to find a paint with less than 5g of VOC per liter.
  • Other chemicals to look for are acrylic softeners, ammonia, and formaldehyde. These may be harmful as well so you want to check the label.
  • A Greenseal certification is an independent accreditation system that meets strict environmental criteria.

If you want to freshen up your home, we hope you will consider using eco-friendly paint for your project that will not only protect the environment but your family also. Another way to protect your family is to hire a professional painting company. The effort and time you will save by doing so will be well worth it! Busy Painting Madison would be honored to work with you on your interior painting project. Residential or commercial, we will
brighten your space. Give us a call today for a free consultation.

Busy Painting Madison Cares about Environmental Concerns

Environmental Concerns

When you want the very best for your home interior, you need professionals who specialize in residential interior painting. Our dedicated specialists at Busy Painting Madison are not only passionate about what we do, but we thrive on perfection and making our clients happy.

Our first goal in servicing Madison, WI is to find out exactly what our clients want and need. We do this in our initial consultation by finding out your personal timeline, picking out the perfect color or colors for your project, and in summary just getting to know you better.  Our next goal is to offer you our estimate, which is based on the materials and time it takes to complete the project. Once we have agreed on the price, we will schedule the project.

Once our professional painters arrive you can rest assured that everything will be covered and protected, then the magic will begin. Our team of professional interior painters uses the best materials available and the highest caution of care when it comes to our customers. When we finish, you will be pleased with the look of your freshly painted interior. Your home is a place of rest and retreat from the world, we just want to paint a little comfort into it.

After the painting has been completed and everything cleaned up and put back in place, you should expect a call from our team. We want to make sure that you are happy with our work, and that everything is as you imagined.